Cleaning Quality and Cleanliness Level of Facilities

By November 10, 2019 No Comments
The cleaning market faces a difficult task in determining, what level of cleanliness is acceptable to customers when providing the services, as most of the customers perceive the functional quality of cleaning in its own way and evaluate cleanliness level subjectively. Objective cleaning quality measurement systems have been developed to improve the quality of cleaning, to determine the cleanliness level and to define the customer’s minimal quality expectations. Many cleaning companies have developed their own quality measurement or assessment systems that are used to determine what cleaning quality level must be maintained during tasks, but without reference to generally acceptable standards, these independently developed systems remain without solid foundation. Quality is a continuous process that includes strict quality control management and measurement methods, and therefore, objective and impartial assessment systems add value to cleaning companies as well as to customers. Don’t be shy, feel free to visit © QUALITY CLEANLINESS™