© STAND EDU™ skills, competencies and licensed qualifications



© SEPS™ modules include the skills that cleanliness specialists use on a daily basis or on a regular basis.

© SEPS™ program also includes some specific cleaning tasks (for example, deep cleaning or deep cleaning with machines).

© SEPS™ skills help you to work more safely, ensuring a smooth and efficiently organised work process, whilst providing additional skills and competences that are required to achieve cleanliness results.

© SEPS™ Skill Modules


© SEPS 1™ Dry hard floor cleaning
© SEPS 2™ Stain cleaning
© SEPS 3™ Damp floor cleaning
© SEPS 4™ Wet surface cleaning
© SEPS 5™ Dry surface cleaning
© SEPS 6™ Glass cleaning
© SEPS 7™ Microfiber cleaning system – preparation and maintenance
© SEPS 8™ Cleaning with telescopic poles
© SEPS 9™ Surface washing (cleaning)
© SEPS 10™ Surface cleaning (polishing)
© SEPS 11™ Cleaning with a floor cleaning machine
© SEPS 12™ Floor polishing (rotary machine)
© SEPS 13™ Deep cleaning floor
© SEPS 14™ Cleaning with a single-disc floor maintenance machine
© SEPS 15™ Wet (dry) cleaning with a vacuum-cleaner
© SEPS 16™ Cleaning with a sweeping machine
© SEPS 17™ Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner (vacuuming)
© SEPS 18™ Changing and cleaning of rubbish bins

Information about © SEPS™ license

How can I obtain © SEPS™ Cleaning and Cleanliness Specialist License?

In order to obtain © SEPS™ Cleaning and Cleanliness Specialist License, you need:
  • willingness and commitment to obtain © SEPS™ Cleaning and Cleanliness Specialist License;
  • have a cleaning practice © CECC ™ License;
  • select at least 10 of © SEPS™ following modules of skills, of which:
    • © SEPS 1™ – © SEPS 5™ modules are obligatory (5 modules);
    • you must choose at least 2 modules from © SEPS 6™ – © SEPS 10™;
    • you must choose at least 3 modules from © SEPS 11™ – © SEPS 18™.
Note: you can choose additional modules, which will give you more skills and competencies.
  • participate in the training of the selected modules;
  • to successfully demonstrate the skills and competencies acquired through certification.

How long does it take to learn the skills of © SEPS™?

This largely depends on the chosen modules and their number. On average, training and certification of four skill modules lasts for two days. Only after passing the practical exams of all the chosen skill modules and competencies is a © SEPS™ Cleaning and Cleaner Specialist License granted. Without having one or several certifications, the candidate is given the opportunity to register for another © SEPS™ Certification. If the candidate fails to pass the certification of the selected modules two times in a row, a certificate of participation in this training is given, but a © SEPS™ License is not provided. If the certification was unsuccessful twice, do not despair, you can register for new © SEPS™ License training courses.

How many participants can attend one training session?

As the practical training is being conducted, we try to focus our attention on each of our trainees as much as possible. As a result, there are usually between 4 and 10 candidates in a single session.

What is the price of the © SEPS™ course and the License?

The cost of courses depends on the number of modules chosen. For courses and the License prices, please contact the QUALITAS PRIMUM team.

© SEPS™ course dates and contacts:

If you are an organisation or individual, please contact the QUALITAS PRIMUM team for the timing of the © SEPS™ courses.

Can I choose individual © SEPS™ skills modules?

Yes, you can choose one or more skill modules training, but you must have a © CECC™ License to do so. We will provide training and certification for individual skills development. If a candidate successfully passes the certification, it will be granted to you. The qualification License © STAND EDU ™ is not granted for the individual skills.