License for Cleaning Practice (© CECC™) covers the essential skills necessary for market participants of cleaning services. Each candidate (cleaner, cleaning and cleanliness specialist, team leader, supervisor, auditor, manager, director) must keep this license in order to be able to participate in the following modules © SEP™ and in training that forms skills.

© CECC™ license provides a cleaner (cleanliness specialist) with a clearer understanding of the motives, practical aspects and challenge associated with occupational safety, including the required results from the cleaning company, employer or customer. The purpose of the license is to help the cleaner (cleanliness specialist) himself / herself to work safely, whilst also caring for the safe and hygienic environment of his / her customers, employees or visitors. © CECC™ license encourages the enhancement of cleaning competencies and skills regarding occupational safety, cleanliness, and quality.

© CECC™ license consists of the following modules:
  • competence in the use of chemicals;
  • maintenance and storage of equipment and tools;
  • compliance with occupational safety during the cleaning tasks and safe assembly and use of equipment;
  • effective cleaning results to ensure customer satisfaction.

These four © CECC™ modules are some of the essential training in providing cleaning services. The modules consist of occupational safety requirements; dilution of chemical substances; provides knowledge about the use of concentrated chemicals; maintenance of cleaning equipment, keeping and storage of cleaning tools; the proper collection and use of parts of the equipment used; and includes the concept of effective cleaning works, increasing the understanding of customer satisfaction regarding work performed by cleaning specialists.

Information about © CECC™ license

How can I obtain © CECC™ License for Cleaning Practice?

In order to obtain the © CECC™ License for Cleaning Practice, you need:
  • motivation and a desire to work in the area of ​​cleaning services;
  • participation in the training of four modules:
    • use of chemicals (detergents);
    • maintenance and storage of equipment and tools;
    • safe assembly and use of equipment;
    • effective cleaning results to ensure customer satisfaction.
  •  to successfully defend the skills and competences acquired through certification.

How long does it take to train and obtain the © CECC™ License?

Typically, it takes up to two days: the first day of which is intensive and interactive training, and the second day being the certification day. During this course, four certifications are performed for each license module separately. Each certification is confirmed by an assessment of the knowledge gained during the course and the work actually done. Only having passed the practical exams of skills and competencies in all four modules will the license © CECC™ be provided. If one or more certifications are not performed, the candidate is given a certificate of participation in this course, but the © CECC™ License is not granted. If the certification is unsuccessful, do not despair, you can register for other training courses to achieve the © CECC™ License.

What is the price of the © CECC™ course and license?

For course costs, please contact the QUALITAS PRIMUM team.

How many participants can attend one course session?

As the practical training is being conducted, we try to focus our attention on each of our trainees as much as possible. As a result, there are usually between 4 and 10 candidates in a single session.

© CECC™ course dates and contacts:

If you are an organisation or individual, due to the timing of the © CECC™ course dates, please contact the QUALITAS PRIMUM team.