The cleaning management services solutions KNOW-HOW we provide will meet your expectations for the required levels of cleanliness, hygiene and tidiness of buildings, facilities, and territories.

  • First impressions last. Clean areas, tidy outdoor territories, a well-maintained environment all contribute to the organisation’s image and, at the same time, are a business card presenting more information to the customer, visitor or employee, than it may at first glance seem.
  • Clean and qualitatively cleaned premises, an orderly working environment are visible parts of the company available for everybody to see, that reflects the organisation’s attitude to the workplace and hygienic environment.
  • Clean and hygienic premises provide employees and visitors with a more positive environment and give the organisation added value. Employee or visitor health, working capacity and motivation also depends on the level of premises pollution.

To ensure that your professional environment strengthens your company’s image and meets the requirements of cleanliness standards, it is best and most effective to entrust comprehensive janitorial services and facilities cleaning services to cleaning management specialists who will do the best job in ensuring that your cleaning company provides required quality cleaning and maintains a hygienic environment.

We provide cleaning management services by offering optimal quality control systems and KNOW-HOW technologies. As a cleaning management company for your cleaning services, we will take all necessary steps to ensure that your budgets are used efficiently and that levels of cleanliness and cleaning quality are consistently monitored and measured. Our very flexible work schedule, professional managers & inspectors, and tested & dynamic solutions guarantee QUALITAS PRIMUM’s high-quality and efficient cleaning management services.


You are probably aware that constant control and management of cleaning services are necessary to ensure that the budget for cleaning and cleanliness is used efficiently. If you ask, why an organisation needs a company that manages a cleaning service? The answer is very simple – we provide these services and do the related work that you either cannot do, do not want to do, or just do not have time to do! Therefore, you can focus on your direct work or activity instead of seeking to manage cleaning services. You can leave cleaning administration and management to professionals who will perform all the necessary and required actions and processes in order to ensure and provide you with optimal and desirable levels of quality, tidiness and cleanliness of premises and the territory.

  • Due to the cleaning management services that we provide, you will be able to optimise your organisation’s work resources and costs, as we will take full responsibility for the cleaning management. Therefore, you will not have to waste your employees’ dear time resources that could be used where they are needed most – for the performance of your organisation’s direct work or activities.
  • When providing cleaning management services, we always apply the appropriate management solutions, seeking to consider the specifics of the customer’s activities, the purpose of the buildings and facilities, the customer’s expectations and needs. As a result, we provide services not only in response to existing issues or problems, but we perform prevention processes which reduce problems and help to manage potential risks. Our prevention solutions are constantly performed; therefore, we can provide our customers with our quality of service guarantee. The results of our activities are clearly and unambiguously measurable.
Cleaning management services include:
  • If you are satisfied with your cleaning company, but you have too little time to manage them, trust it to us and we will do it for you. You will save time and will have the opportunity to optimise your company’s internal costs, designated for managing cleaning services.
  • If you are satisfied with your existing cleaning company, but think that the cleanliness and quality levels are not adequately assured, entrust it to us and we will increase the level of cleanliness and quality. You will be happy with both the existing cleaning company and the cleanliness that they provide.
  • If you are dissatisfied with your existing cleaning company, trust this problem to us and we will take over the management, ensuring that the cleaning services will provide you with your desired quality levels and we will provide reliable solutions for eliminating problems and preventing them from reoccurring through our existing quality control systems and management processes.
  • If you do not have a cleaning services company or are looking for a new cleaning services company, leave it to us. We will arrange the tender of cleaning services, prepare the necessary documents, make a proper and efficient cleaning service technical specification for your business needs, select the cleaning service providers according to predefined criteria (the price or the price-quality ratio), and with our expert team we will perform regular management of the selected cleaning company to ensure that the services are provided to the desired quality and efficient levels.
  • If you need cleanliness and tidiness, but you do not want to, do not have time to, or just do not have enough resources to complete this work, leave it to us. We will objectively and efficiently select the cleaning company, manage it, provide you with the required cleanliness and results, and will assume full responsibility for the cleaning management services.

Did you know that according to a survey conducted in different countries, every third employee confirmed that they were not satisfied with the existing company’s sanitary zones and therefore would be happier working in a place where the employer ensured a clean and hygienic environment. A clean and hygienic environment is becoming more and more important for a company’s employees. Staff, customers and visitors want a clean and hygienic working, business or living environment, so investment in QUALITAS PRIMUM cleaning management services will provide your organisation not only clean and hygienic environment management, but will also contribute to the motivation and improved mood of your employees, customers and visitors.


We have our own facilities management company, why do we still need a cleaning service management company?

Most facilities management companies are professionals in the maintenance of technical systems and engineering equipment, and in the main part, services are provided for the maintenance and management of these systems. Meanwhile, cleaning and cleaning services management remain secondary considerations. Therefore, most often the required quality level of cleaning services are not provided. Cleaning services management is the top priority for us, so we can ensure that our services are provided in a timely and high-quality manner and are continuously controlled, overseen and managed. With us taking over your cleaning services management, you will not have to pay for the facilities management company to provide cleaning management, therefore, you can transfer those costs to cleaning management specialists in the field.

We manage and control our own cleaning services company very well, so why do we need a cleaning services management company?

We agree that you perfectly perform your duties. The cleaning services management company contributes to optimising your time resources, therefore, you can pay more attention and spend more time on the improvement of the core business or other processes. This will add value to your organisation and you will have opportunities to use time resources to develop the competencies you want, to manage new projects, while we ensure that your organisation receives the desired quality of cleaning. After all, time is often harder to save than money.

Our cleaning company performs quality control itself, why do we need a cleaning services management company?

It has already become customary for the cleaning company to perform quality control. All professional cleaning services companies control cleaning quality. Therefore, this phase should normally be taken as a routine process, but the self-control process of the cleaning company ensures the compliance with the service provider’s own standards – it does not always coincide with the customer’s expected cleanliness and results. Practice shows that a company that manages the cleaning services provides customers up to 36% more value: both by optimising the costs and improving the level of quality and cleanliness. It helps the customer to optimise costs and achieve the desired levels of quality and cleanliness. Our cleaning services management ensures constant maintenance of the quality control process and the constant process of managing the cleaning services provider, as services are provided by our designated managers.

I control the cleaning company that I have myself very well, so what is the benefit to me from the cleaning services management company?

We don’t argue that you perfectly perform your duties.

In this case there would be two answers:

  1. Is the control of the cleaning company your main responsibility? If so, after transferring this work to us, you will have more time to implement other projects for your organisation. Working together with us, you will gain more skills and competencies, and in addition, we will contribute to your cost optimisation. Therefore, your organisation will value you and your contribution to the value of the organisation and your loyalty even more.
  2. If the control of the cleaning company is not your main duty, after you have transferred this work to us, you will be able to focus on your primary responsibility, core business and results of work. We will take full control of the cleaning services and ensure the comprehensive management of them. You can entrust this work to the specialists in this area and will be able to concentrate on your own expertise, in your own fieldwork or other projects.

We provide cleaning services management to ensure the maximum implementation of customer expectations; we always analyse the specifics of our customer’s business and working environment to identify issues and problems, define expectations and coordinate our activities with the customer’s goals.

We appoint a responsible manager to the customer to represent their interests, to communicate with the cleaning company and other related companies, to perform all necessary managerial services regarding cleaning, to constantly perform quality control, to take care of and solve issues and problems, and to provide solutions.

We perform regular observations, audits, extraordinary inspections and control; determining the quality of the service provided according to the standards.