Independent cleaning services audits

The cleaning services audit of QUALITAS PRIMUM is carried out for a wide range of areas (inspection of processes and tools, the assessment of efficiency and productivity, occupational safety, maintenance of hygiene norms, employee skills, competencies, risk management and control processes, assessment of various results, and compliance with contractual obligations). The specificity and scope of application during the QUALITAS PRIMUM cleaning audit depends on the specifics of the customer’s activities and the goals the clients want to achieve.

  • cleaning services audit (cleaning audit);
  • territory audit (landscaping audit);
  • infection control audit (health care and social care institution cleaning and infection control audit).
About cleaning services audits

The regular cleaning services audit program is a process that includes the management and  continuous improvement of activities. QUALITAS PRIMUM cleaning audit involves a comprehensive, constant and systematic approach to results in a broad sense, which forms part of the quality improvement, quality assurance/control, maintenance of hygiene norms, risk management and occupational safety processes, as well as helping to optimise cost efficiency.

Whether you are a cleaning company or a procurer of their services , QUALITAS PRIMUM independent cleaning auditing helps you answer your questions; provides guidelines and recommendations for further development of activities; increases efficiency; identifies existing or potential problems; contributes to cost optimisation; and suggests solutions for improvement throughout.

QUALITAS PRIMUM audit is independent:
  • we do not own the client (customer) company’s shares;
  • we do not own the customer cleaning company’s shares;
  • we do not own the customer cleaning company competitor’s shares;
  • we do not own any shares of any cleaning companies;
  • we do not provide cleaning services and we are not interested in providing them.

Due to these factors, QUALITAS PRIMUM enables independent audits with the highest levels of impartiality and confidentiality. Any independent cleaning audit, territory maintenance services audit or infection control audit is carried out by our competent, certified and accredited auditors.

QUALITAS PRIMUM cleaning services audit is performed for:
  • cleaning services customers (contracting organisations);
  • cleaning service companies;
  • customers with inhouse cleaning staff;
  • facilities management companies.
Confidentiality and impartiality

QUALITAS PRIMUM provides services with the highest level of confidentiality and impartiality, we sign confidentiality agreements with all our customers.

Who needs a cleaning audit?

Quality control inspections carried out by the cleaning company have become one of the basic requirements for cleaning services companies. Sometimes their significance for improving the actual cleaning process is questionable, since most cleaning inspection systems simply assess a process and it is often a non-objective measure for a cleaner or a manager. After all, they often lack impartiality by nature. However, a quality control process for cleaning services that has been properly implemented and managed using selected standards (for example, © STAND 9100™, © STAND EDU™) and quality measurement systems (for example QLT-100, INSTA 800, NEN 2075, LVS 1051, GOST R 51780), and systematically planned inspections performed by the cleaning company and the customer with an independent cleaning audit ensures a balanced assessment scale for the entire cleaning process, promotes efficiency and achieves higher results, and can include cost savings.

QUALITAS PRIMUM Independent Cleaning Audit Aspects

Depending on the customer, a QUALITAS PRIMUM cleaning services audit may include, but is not limited to the following aspects:
  • existing obligations, technical specifications, job descriptions, service management systems;
  • available cleaning plans, methods, schedules;
  • the planned and described tasks, works, processes, along with expected and obtained results;
  • adaptation of tasks and processes to the proper nature of the sites, the environment and its type;
  • definition of minimal levels of cleaning frequency, cleanliness and quality;
  • knowledge of customers, cleaning companies, cleaners (cleanliness specialists) and contractors as well as information on the clarity of the criteria for the results set;
  • quality determination methodologies and systems;
  • Determination of measurement indicators and procedures;
  • employee  training, skills and competencies;
  • what is measured and what is wanted to be measured; why do these indicators need to be measured?
  • Is it required to compare the data received and how it may improve results or cost-efficiency?
  • Is it a requirement to capture the target data first time?
  • Are long-term measurement systems for cleaning results (for example, QLT-100, LVS 1051, NEN 2075, INSTA 800, GOST R 51780 or other systems, based on EN 13549) required to help monitor trends, changes and to assist in planning budgets?
  • Are the customer’s concerns only related to the results of cleaning?
  • Is it desirable to evaluate the cleaning services more broadly, including criteria such as: cleaners (cleanliness specialists) occupational safety during cleaning; determination of productivity; management of human resources; efficiency improvement; achievement of contractual obligations; attainment of hygiene standards during cleaning; analysis of methods and technologies; identification of the required training to improve skills and competencies (for example, © STAND EDU™, etc.); feedback from interested parties; measurement of productivity (for example, floor covering maintenance costs); confirmation that equipment is being used in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations, etc.

QUALITAS PRIMUM Cleaning Services Audit Value

  • An independent cleaning audit can create or refine your program or process goals. It can identify or correct performance measures and key performance indicators (KPIs). Performance indicators are benchmarks that describe expected standards, norms, and outcomes;
  • A cleaning services audit is about balancing goals, considering the nature of the customer’s activities, aspirations and desired results;
  • The cleaning audit structure allows you to monitor the cleaning costs, performance, and current challenges or problems for cleaning process participants, and it can identify not only what may have failed, but why it failed, as well as the possible elimination of the failure and more efficient management of the resource.
  • Independent auditing and internal auditing, working together, is an excellent incentive process. A quality assurance and quality control system that ensures the most economically advantageous price, helping to achieve effective performance and process improvement.
  • An independent cleaning audit ensures a balanced scorecard for the overall cleaning process, boosts efficiency and achieves higher performance, including cost savings.
  • Cleaning service auditing is a great way to ensure the quality of your cleaning operations and ultimately the results for your customers.
  • Due to an independent audit, your business is distinguished from other market players, and your organisation may gain a strong competitive advantage.
  • Independent cleaning service audits increase the motivation of your cleaners (cleanliness specialists) and management staff, resulting in more incentives and better results in terms of quality.

Cleaning Services Audits

The cleaning audit may also include a narrower range, such as the collection, processing and compilation of the required data. According to good practices and research from various organisations, it is stated that self-auditing or internal audits have limitations and weaknesses, as results can be influenced by the good intentions of internal audit staff, but this effect can negatively affect the presentation of objective facts and the determination of the real situation – this limits the efficiency of the service and the cost-saving potential (e.g. personal relationships, the desire to help hard-working employees, the desire to show better unit performance, etc.). QUALITAS PRIMUM independent cleaning audit is an objective and impartial fact and data collection system. Therefore, one of the best solutions for a company is the combination of internal and independent (external) audits, carried out by trained and experienced experts and specialists. Understandably, if an enterprise does not have sufficient resource, self-auditing or internal audits are a good solution, but you cannot achieve the accuracy and efficiency of the results possible, especially if required measurement indicators are not set or the information provided is distorted due to bias.

Continuous self-monitoring, internal and independent (external) auditing provides a rapid improvement to customer’s cleaning activities, and therefore, it is recommended that continuous audit systems be set up to identify the weak points of customer specific activities. Transparency and real-time availability are crucial for the audit process, so QUALITAS PRIMUM carries out audit services and stores electronic data using the specialist software QUALYTICK and its mobile application – the collected data can then be clearly presented. This method is simple, universally understandable and, above all, ensures real-time recording of results. It also contributes to the protection of the environment (reducing the use of paper, printing ink, technology, electricity).

QUALITAS PRIMUM independent audit data provides risk analysis and contributes to their management. Auditing also helps carry out comparative analysis (comparisons between different sites, areas, regions, countries buildings, territories, trains, airplanes, premises, employees, managers, etc.) or produce performance management data. The QUALYTICK platform is a system that is flexible and accessible to all our customers.