Our goal is to help our customers achieve their goals by analysing and considering their requirements and ambitions. We are dynamic, efficient, reliable and adhere to the principles of ethics and confidentiality. We want to be useful to you at all times, to bring value and benefit to your organisation, and to offer solutions that help you improve your organisation or business performance and make it more effective.
We provide our customers with only those offers and solutions that bring added value to them and are aimed at helping them achieving their goals.
When an organisation’s business processes are understandable, they can be controlled, because self-contained activities are usually not effective. By identifying the organisation’s business processes, we can optimise their activities, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.
QUALITAS PRIMUM can propose an assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of the professional organisation’s quality control systems and suggest process improvement by identifying and implementing more efficient business solutions and systems.
By designing and implementing additional or new systems, we will stay in touch with your organisation’s internal culture, as well as discover new perspectives and solutions for your business.

Performance improvement

A well-chosen activity strategy offers you better and more efficient ways to carry out the necessary processes that are consistent with your daily activities and work. An effectively implemented strategy is the cornerstone of shaping and developing the organisation and the strengths of its activities.

Organisation’s information management

Proper and consistent information management helps the organisation make optimal decisions, be dynamic and more efficient in managing information, by automating complex processes and sharing information between the organisation’s employees, customers and suppliers.
Our competences and decisions for your organisation:
Work process management – from the performance of cleaning tasks to quality control and assurance, performance improvement, and optimisation of cost and processes;
Management of documents, cooperation and tasks, using the latest IT technologies and solutions with the QUALYTICK system.

We help our clients with quality control processes and procedures:

Descriptions of quality control processes and procedures;
Definitions of aims;
Optimisation of processes and procedures;
Preparation of process measurement and evaluation of results;
Assessment of process participants (competences, qualifications, etc.).

We provide other consulting services:

  • Public procurements – consultation on the purchase and tenders of cleaning services;
  • Public procurements – consultation on the purchase and tenders of landscaping services;
  • Consultation on the purchase of cleaning services for the business sector;
  • Consultation on the increase of employee efficiency and productivity;
  • Consultation on the quality control standards QLT-100, LVS 1051, INSTA 800, GOST R 51870, NEN 2075;
  • Consultation on standard EN 13549;
  • Consultation on the selection and formation of the employee training program;
  • Consultation on cleaning, landscaping and cleanliness standards;
  • Consultation on the choice of cleaning services companies;
  • Consultation on the cost optimisation issues;
  • Consultation on the use of the © STAND EDU™ training program and system;
  • Consultation on the cleaning quality audit and conformity assessment;
  • Consultation on the optimisation of activities;
  • Consultation on the issues regarding employee promotion and motivation;
  • Consultation on work resources optimisation;
  • Consultation on the implementation of process, tasks management and inspections system QUALYTICK;
  • Consultation on green cleaning services;
  • Consultation on the dynamic standard © STAND 9100™;
  • Consultation on the quality assurance system © STAND™;
  • Consultation on determining the organisation’s employee productivity level and solutions for its increase.