QUALITAS PRIMUM’s specialisation is in public procurement and business sector tenders of cleaning and landscaping services. We focus on tender of these services and becoming a market leader in this field.

Organisations which have sufficient knowledge and practical experience on the process of organising public procurement and the specificity or exclusivity of the procured object are accompanied by success, when performing public procurements or participating in them. Having the documents and complying with the laws and regulations does not ensure the achievement of an efficient, cost-effective and high-quality offering for the contracting authority. The knowledge of the specifics of the purchased landscaping, janitorial, and cleaning services, as well as the smooth provision of these services after the completion of public procurement, is one of the main indicators for the successful acquisition of cleaning services and territory maintenance services.

In order to perform efficient, value-add procurement, it is necessary to understand the legal regulations and to have practical knowledge of the goods, services and works being purchased. If you need additional methodological and practical knowledge in the public procurement of cleaning services and landscaping services, don’t be shy, feel to contact QUALITAS PRIMUM. We have extensive experience and high-level competencies in the often-complex process of purchasing of cleaning and landscaping services.

  • Services management system is accredited and certified to ISO 9001 standard in providing public procurement and business sector tender consultations, preparation of tender documents, cleaning technical specifications, and public procurement expert services.
  • Our public procurement and business sector tender’s staff are experts in cleaning and landscaping services.
  • We will provide a comprehensive consultation for your organisation. We will analyse the current situation in detail to enable us to give the best advices and consultations possible, empowering you with the best market practices to achieve the most efficient cleaning services for your business and customers’ needs.
  • Our public procurement training is innovative and exceptional, so do not miss the chance to participate in it.
  • During training, innovations in the cleaning services market are presented; participants are encouraged to use analytical thinking that allows smooth performance of public procurement procedures, presenting possible situations, analysing their solutions and outcomes, including the Law on Public Procurement (LPP).
  • Some of the main topics of the training: the use of rational budgeting for cleaning services and landscaping services, the specificity of the acquisition of services, standards used, definitions of results, assessment solutions of conformity when performing contractual obligations.
  • The training participants will receive QUALITAS PRIMUM accredited certificates.
  • Preparation of public procurement documents, technical specifications for cleaning services, janitorial services and landscaping services, including the audits of projects for public procurement documents.
  • Consultation on public procurement of cleaning services, janitorial services and landscaping services with specific regard to the performance of public procurement procedures.
  • Representation of the contracting authority professionals with expertise in public procurement commission.
  • Evaluation of the cleaning services provider’s tenders.
  • Public procurement consultations on procurement documentation;
  • Determination of the provider’s evaluation criteria.
  • Determination of the evaluation criteria of the most economically advantageous tender.
  • Consultation on public procurements specifically surrounding the evaluation of tenders, revision, and preparation of conclusions.
  • Assistance in dealing with suppliers (providers), preparation of responses to the complaints and applications, and representing the interests of the contracting authority in disputes with suppliers.
  • Training.
  • the basic terms and concepts used during the performance of the contract are defined;
  • the customer’s objectives for the purchased cleaning and landscaping services are defined;
  • legal, environmental, social responsibility and H&S requirements are defined;
  • qualitative and quantitative requirements, determined quality levels of services and their compliance evaluation is defined;
  • the required cleaning results and processes of provision of services and management are defined;
  • the functions of cleaning services and their structures are described;
  • the structure of the provision of cleaning services and quality control are defined;
  • the methods of comparison of the received service with the specified purposes are determined and the constant process of the improvement of services are defined.