© STAND EDU™ skills, competencies and licensed qualifications – © SEPI™ TRAINER LICENSE

© SEPI™ course is adapted for all who train and induct employees at workplaces. The course is for team leaders, supervisors, auditors and managers.

This course is especially useful for the participants interested in progressing their careers in the field of cleaning services. Those who hold this qualification provide significant benefit to cleaning services companies or organisations with inhouse cleaning staff. With © SEPI™ qualified employees, individuals can provide their company’s cleaning specialists with the courses and training of © CECC™, © SEPS™, and © SEPE™, offered by © STAND EDU™. Those employees that are trained by the accredited © SEPI™ Trainers will only have to pass certification, assigned by the QUALITAS PRIMUM representatives. They will not need to attend additional ©STAND EDU™ courses. Therefore, by having your own © SEPI ™ Qualified Trainer, the organisation will no longer have to pay additional money for the external service – training your employees. Employees trained by their  © SEPI™ Trainer will only need to be registered for certification in order to obtain the appropriate ©STAND EDU™ License, saving valuable time and money.

Qualified © SEPI™ Trainers will receive the following knowledge during the course:
  • making employee training plans, selecting which skills to choose to effectively exploit the potential of the workforce;
  • ability to plan and provide structured training or inductions, using effective assessment methods;
  • planning and providing effective training;
  • preparation of the necessary materials and tools for targeted training.
  • proper selection of the necessary communication tools to promote more effective employee training.
Information about © SEPI™ Trainer License

How can I obtain the © SEPI™ Trainer License?

To obtain the © SEPI™ Trainer License, you need:
  • willingness and energy as well as the mindset of a mentor, a developer of people;
  • have a © CECC™ Licence for Cleaning Practice;
  • have a © SEPS™ Cleaning and Cleanliness Specialist License with at least 15 Skill Modules;
  • have a © SEPE™ Cleaning and Cleanliness Expert License with at least 12 Skill Models;
  • participate in the © SEPI™ courses;
  • be able to successfully demonstrate the skills and competencies developed by means of certification.

How long does it take to receive the © SEPI™ Instructor License?

Courses take place for two days and at the end of the second day a certification is passed, based on which practical and methodological knowledge is checked and evaluated. In case of a failure to complete the certification, the candidate can register for additional © SEPI™ certification. If the candidate does not pass the certification twice in a row, he /she must re-enter the course in order to re-certify.

How many participants can attend one training session?

As the practical training is conducted, we try to focus our attention on each of our trainees. Typically, between 1 and 5 candidates participate in a session group.

What is the price of the © SEPI™ course and License?

The cost of courses depends on the number of participants. For course and License prices, please contact the QUALITAS PRIMUM team.

© SEPI™ course dates and contacts:

If you are an organisation or individual, please contact the QUALITAS PRIMUM team to learn the dates of © SEPI™ courses.