© STAND EDU™ skills, competencies and licensed qualifications – © SEPA™ ASSESSOR LICENSE

This accreditation provides © SEPA™ Assessor Qualifications License.

By acquiring the © SEPA™ accreditation, you or your company’s employee has the right to:
Conduct ©STAND EDU™ training:
  • © CECC™ License for Cleaning Practice Skills;
  • © SEPS™ Cleaning and Cleanliness Specialists Skills;
  • © SEPE™ Cleaning and Cleanliness Skills Expert License;
  • for obtaining © SEPI™ Trainer Skills.
Perform ©STAND EDU™ certifications:
  • for obtaining © CECC™ License;
  • for obtaining © SEPS™ Cleaning and Cleanliness Specialists License;
  • for obtaining © SEPE™ Cleaning and Cleaning Experts License;

This course is especially useful for participants seeking career development in the cleaning services sector. Representatives who obtain this qualification bring significant benefits to cleaning services companies or organisations with inhouse cleaning staff. With the © SEPA™ qualified staff, individuals can train and perform certification for their company’s specialists, by conducting courses and providing the licenses © CECC™, © SEPS™, © SEPE™, offered by © STAND EDU™. When the organisation has its own © SEPA™ qualified Assessor, it no longer needs to suffer additional costs for external services – for training and certifying its employees with relevant licenses.

Information about © SEPA™ Certifier and Valuator License

How can I obtain a © SEPA™ Certifier and Valuator License?

In order to obtain a © SEPA™ Certifier and Valuator License, you need:
  • willingness, enthusiasm and determination to gain © SEPA™ Assessor License;
  • have a © CECC™ License for Cleaning Practice;
  • have a © SEPS™ Cleaning and Cleanliness Specialist License with at least 15 Skill Modules;
  • have a © SEPE™ Cleaning and Cleanliness Expert License with at least 12 Skill Modules;
  • have a © SEPI™ Trainer License;
  • participate in © SEPA™ courses;
  • during the certification, to successfully demonstrate the skills and competencies developed.

How long does it take to obtain a © SEPA™ Assessor License?

The course lasts for two days and at the end of the second day a certification is passed, during which the practical and methodological knowledge acquired during the course is examined and evaluated. If the candidate fails to pass the certification, he / she can register for an additional © SEPA™ certification. If the candidate does not pass the certification twice in a row, the candidate must re-enter the course in order to re-certify.

How many participants can attend one training session?

As practical training is conducted, we try to focus our attention on each of our trainees. Usually, 1 to 3 candidates participate in one session.

What is the price of the © SEPA™ courses and License?

The cost of the courses depends on the number of participants. For the courses and the License prices, please contact the QUALITAS PRIMUM team.

© SEPA™ courses dates and contacts:

If you are an organisation or individual, please contact the QUALITAS PRIMUM team for an updated schedule of the © SEPA™ course dates.

UNDENIABLE FACT – © STAND EDU™ provides you with the benefits as a cleaning service professional. © STAND EDU™ is your key to recognition, higher remuneration and professional career in the cleaning industry.