Standards © STAND 9100™

The current economic market and the conditions of intense competition are forcing cleaning services buyers and cleaning companies to evaluate more rationally their possibilities, potential and resources. Standards © STAND 9100™ addresses the satisfaction of customers’ expectations and needs, the promotion of cleaning companies, the improvement of cleaning and cleaning services quality, and links the evaluation of objective (obtained) cleaning, provided with organisational management systems. Standards © STAND 9100™ help objectively determine, whether the services meet the requirements, select the cleaning companies that meet most the customer’s expectations, the quality and price ratio, contributes to the risk management of the poor provision of services, reduces the probability of disputes and complaints, clarifies for the customer and service provider the essence of the concepts of cleanliness, hygiene and environment.

Cleaning services – a system that provides a clean, representative, safe and hygienic environment by cleaning, maintaining and providing services related to cleaning in order to provide the determined results and an acceptable (or higher) quality level of cleanliness. Cleaning and janitorial services are understood as a systemic process that eliminates various dirtiness and nonconformities within the environment, cleans and maintains the elements within a defined environment. The ultimate goal of cleaning and maintenance is to ensure that unwanted nonconformities and dirt are eliminated and that the elements in the environment are maintained to ensure aesthetic and reduce the risks to human health and the environment.

© STAND 9100™ and quality

In the services market, cleaning and landscaping has become one of the dominant types of activities in terms of impact and the number of market participants. One of the customer’s main criteria for acquiring cleaning services is the most economically advantageous tender (price, quality, technical specifications, environmental protection, etc.). Qualitatively performed cleaning and landscaping services benefit the customer and determine the economic success for the cleaning service company. For these reasons, companies using the standard © STAND 9100™ attract more customers to their services, delivering a higher quality of service at a cost-efficient price. Such a strong focus on the customer’s needs forces the organisation to thoroughly analyse as many factors as possible, which determines the quality of the service, and at the same time encourages them to make appropriate decisions that would enable them to perform their functions and obligations more effectively. The quality and cleanliness of the standard © STAND 9100™ are perceived and evaluated objectively and unambiguously.

Standard © STAND 9100™ delivers the results that relate to externally tangible elements, since cleaning has a visually tangible result (cleanliness), which helps to objectively measure and determine whether the cleaning services meet the set requirements.

© STAND 9100™ and Cleaning Management Services

Cleaning services and landscaping services are part of the premises or facilities management. Knowledge and information about the management of cleaning services, control, the required results and their assessment of their compliance are of high value to the organisation. Facilities management is the integration of processes in an organisation to maintain and develop agreed services that help improve the efficiency of the core business. The main task of facilities management is to manage the services needed for the core business area of the organisation. A management unit with the © STAND 9100™ provides added value to the organisation’s core business through a defined quality control process, constant cost optimisation support and continuous communication with the cleaning service provider.

© STAND 9100™ in Organisation Management System

Cleaning services are usually one of the first lists that an organisation sends to an external service provider, but the purchase of cleaning services does not eliminate the customer’s need to manage, control, evaluate and liaise with the organisation’s management system. © STAND 9100™ is an efficient tool when cleaning and landscaping services are being purchased. The standard assists the customer in managing the services performed by obtaining the required result metrics and measurables, enhancing existing employee competencies, and helping to effectively handle any issues that may emerge. In practice, the uniqueness of the standard © STAND 9100™ is especially appreciated, because the efficient, practical and scientific based tool combines the management systems of the customer and the cleaning company, which has so far been impossible.

The often-heard phrase “you can manage what is measurable” applies to the standard © STAND 9100™, as it helps companies to set the baseline for measuring the efficiency of cleaning services, the compliance of required results, and the quality level.

© STAND 9100™, quality control standards, quality measurement and evaluation models

Cleaning services and landscaping services are managed effectively by the standards © STAND 9100™, which, when required, links the quality control systems and quality measurement systems (QLT-100, NEN 2075, INSTA 800, GOST R 51870, LVS 1051, etc.) with the company’s quality management system. Standards © STAND 9100™ is a control process that helps to achieve a certain quality level of cleaning and landscaping services and ensures the required results: cleanliness. The purchasing organisation and the cleaning service provider, through the quality control procedures with the © STAND 9100™, have a clear understanding of the concepts, terms and required results of the cleaning industry used and the process for evaluating these results.

© STAND 9100™ and cleaning company

Applying the standards © STAND 9100™ for a cleaning company, it is easier and simpler to implement quality control procedures and provide the customer with the required results as the customer’s expectations of cleanliness, quality level expectations and unbiased conformity assessment are clearly defined.

© STAND 9100™ and cleaning service customer

Standards © STAND 9100™ enables the customer to create a transparent and acceptable set of requirements and targets that are measured with objective quality evaluation models, based on the standard EN 13549 (CEN) or other generally accepted principle standards of quality measurement.

Standards © STAND 9100™ and enhancement of the cleaning services market

The number of cleaning services companies is growing day-by-day, so it is increasingly difficult to stand out in such a competitive market. It is just as difficult for customers to make the right choices when it comes to selecting their cleaning services provider. Standards © STAND 9100™:

  • Help the customer make the right decision by choosing the right cleaning company
  • Give the cleaning company a competitive edge.
  • In order to maintain quality cleaning and landscaping services, © STAND 9100™ determines objective assessments and the assessment criteria.The terms given in the standard are impartial and objective, thus reducing disputes between the customer and the cleaning company, and negating additional costs or time spent. Standards © STAND 9100™ provides a method for assessing and calculating the result, which is determined according to each customer and its activities, after evaluating and analysing existing and potential risks in the customer field sector.
  • Maintain transparency and makes it easier to objectively compare the quality level provided between different cleaning service providers and it is intended for cleaning services customers and cleaning services companies.

The compliance of ISO standard does not seek to prove that the cleaning service or the product provided will be of required quality as that is not the purpose of ISO, but the standard © STAND 9100™ helps clarify and identify the quality levels in service and efficiency using objective standardised measurement models.