QUALITAS PRIMUM is an independent and leading organisation, specialising in: solutions, management, control and assurance processes within the Comprehensive Cleaning Services sector, as well as various system development and delivery for the general cleaning market.

Our organisation provides unique, innovative, and proven solutions that seek, not just to match, but to exceed the standards and other requirements for participants and representatives of the cleaning services sector. We aim to help our clients to improve and to make more effective cleaning services management, as well as making them more operationally and cost efficient and to ensure sustainable, smooth development.

Our services are provided for the public and business sectors, as well as for individuals.

Our customers are:
Cleaning services buyers, contracting authorities
Cleaning services companies
Companies with in-house cleaning staff
Other organisations (national and international projects related to cleaning services)
Property and facilities management companies
Individuals (who provide cleaning services, consultations, inspections, and quality control)


  • Training
  • Certification and licensing
  • Induction services for cleaners and cleaning specialists
  • Quality control services
  • Cleaning services management
  • Accredited ©STAND EDU™ courses
  • Quality control and quality assurance systems
  • Standards: QLT-100 INSTA 800 LVS 1051 GOST R 51870 NEN 2075 EN 13549
  • QUALYTICK process management system
  • ©STAND™ systems
  • ©STAND9100™ standards
  • Cleaning operative’s promotion and motivation systems
Create and prepare
  • Cleanliness, standards
  • Landscaping standards
  • Infection control standards (related to cleaning services)
  • Cleaning and cleaning services standards
  • Technical specifications for cleaning services and landscaping
  • Purchase documents for cleaning services, procurement and cleaning services, tenders for public and business sectors
  • Independent audit of cleaning services
  • The conformity assessment of cleanliness and cleaning results
  • Cleaning quality audit
  • Landscaping audit
  • The conformity assessment of landscaping
  • Infection control audit (cleaning services)
  • The cost of cleaning services
  • Quality control systems
  • The cost for cleaning services activities
  • Cleaning specialists’ productivity
  • The labour productivity of the participants of the cleaning sector
  • Work resources and equipment
  • Cleaning services buyers and contracting authorities
  • Cleaning service companies
  • Premises and facilities management companies
  • Individuals
  • Public sector‘s organisations
  • Business sector’s organisations
  • The purchase of cleaning services
  • Seminars
  • Negotiations
  • Courses
  • Training
  • Cleaning services tenders
The values of our organisation are:

QUALITAS PRIMUM has a unique management system, accredited according to ISO 9001: 2015 and certified according to EN 13549 standard.
We provide accredited QUALITAS PRIMUM practical training © STAND EDU™ for cleaning operatives (cleaners), managers, team leaders, directors and supervisors. We also perform certification and provide licensing services.
Our appointed experts implement, train and certify according to © STAND™ and according to other quality control systems. We develop, prepare and implement standards ©STAND 9100 ™ for cleaning and landscaping services, which are tailored to the specific needs, operations and activities of various organisation management systems. We improve existing quality control systems; design and implement new ones; and complete all certification processes.
We organise courses, workshops, and training programmes for quality control systems and standards QLT-100, INSTA 800, NEN 2075, LVS 1051, GOST R 51870, BS EN 13549 and various quality evaluation models for cleaning services.
We conduct an independent conformity assessment of cleanliness and cleaning quality, whilst also providing cleaning quality audits that include detailed reports.
We provide QUALYTICK software installation services. The task management and inspection platform QUALYTICK is tailored to each customer’s activity specifics, control and management systems (LEAN, 5S, ISO 9001, etc.) and other organisational processes. It is easy to collect diverse information, to distribute, process and manage data with the QUALYTICK platform. QUALYTICK is a powerful tool for measuring improvements in the efficiency of work activities as well as cost optimisation.
We are actively involved in the public and business sectors’ cleaning services tender processes, helping organisations in the preparation of technical cleaning specifications, drafting contractual terms, and in the selection and proposal of criteria for the assessment of service providers in tender processes.
We provide quality control and management services for cleaning services across various sites, facilities and premises.
QUALITAS PRIMUM always strives to ensure that the organisation’s results meet the requirements and expectations of our customers and other interested parties.
Our organisation’s existing management system ensures that QUALITAS PRIMUM provides the highest quality products and services that are designed to protect the environment and operate in a systematic manner in accordance with the requirements of health and safety and environmental protection.

Customer orientation
Environmental protection
Health and safety