QUALITAS PRIMUM is an independent and non-governmental organization. We are providing trainings, consultations, quality control solutions, conformity assessments, cleaning audits and certification services for national and international cleaning markets and other interested industrial areas.


At QUALITAS PRIMUM, we all share the responsibility for continual improvement of our quality management process and believe that our program, supported by our QUALITAS PRIMUM Business Model and our Code of Ethics, will ensure the continual delivery of high quality services and products to our clients. Doing so, we will establish QUALITAS PRIMUM as trustful and professional supplier in trainings, development of standards, conformity assessment and certification services in the fields of quality and trainings.


Our quality management system provides the framework for continual improvement of our internal management processes and resources which will in turn add value for our clients through the services offered and delivered. In addition, our quality management system gives the company and its clients the confidence that the provision of services and products will be delivered consistently to predetermined high standards worldwide.

  • Customer requirements can always be met.
  • Company efficiency relies on individual competences and employee commitment.
  • All processes are described concisely and employees are trained.
  • All processes must be continuously improved and streamlined.
We are committed to quality, integrity and excellence in everything we do by:
  • Aligning the organization through priority setting and action plan building.
  • Reinforcing network capabilities through training and supporting our employees.
  • Monitoring our progress, identifying and closing gaps through indicators.
  • Ensure sustainable progress through internal and external audits.

QUALITAS PRIMUM has ISO 9001 and EN 13549 through a recognized international independent certifier. Our QUALITAS PRIMUM Code of Ethics meets international principles and requirement. Its implementation is regularly assessed by an external third party.

The entire line management is accountable for the implementation of this policy and shall remain committed to:
  • Continuously meet customer requirements
  • Train and supervise employees
  • Continuously audit and improve operations
  • Share Good Practices & Knowledge

By doing this, all QUALITAS PRIMUM employees will contribute to the first class of our values: customer focus.