QUALITAS PRIMUM ensures that full public confidence is maintained in the impartiality and independence of its assessment and certification processes by ensuring that the policies and procedures under which QUALITAS PRIMUM operates are non-discriminatory and are administered in a non-discriminatory manner.

  • Being impartial, and being perceived to be impartial, is necessary for a QUALITAS PRIMUM to deliver conformity assessments and certifications that provides confidence.
  • It is recognized that the source of revenue for a QUALITAS PRIMUM is its client paying for services, and that this is a potential threat to impartiality.
  • To obtain and maintain confidence, it is essential that a QUALITAS PRIMUM decisions be based on objective evidence of conformity (or nonconformity) obtained by the QUALITAS PRIMUM, and that its decisions are not influenced by other interests or by other parties.
  • Senior management of QUALITAS PRIMUM understands the importance of impartiality, manages a conflict of interest and ensures the objectivity of the services provided.
  • QUALITAS PRIMUM takes action against any threat of impartiality arising from the activities of the QUALITAS PRIMUM or caused by other persons, bodies or organizations.
  • QUALITAS PRIMUM does not carry out any work that could weaken the trust of QUALITAS PRIMUM’ relevant departments on: competence, impartiality, justice, independence.
  • When mutual relations or the activities of others cause an unacceptable threat to impartiality, service is not carried out until the threat is eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level.
  • All conflicts of interest are captured and eliminated or threats reduced.
  • Our staff working on QUALITAS PRIMUM activities have signed the „Commitment to Secure Trade Secrets“, which includes confidentiality and impartiality obligations.
  • The entire customer information, except information which the customer submits to the public, shall be kept confidential, except in the cases provided by law and our MS regulations.
  • QUALITAS PRIMUM uses tools to secure confidential information provided.

QUALITAS PRIMUM’ impartiality policy is reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure the highest level of impartiality for our services.